descendants of k'aayelii

Bears Ears Utah's Original Inhabitants

  • United Descendants Of Hastii K'aayelii (Dine' Leader)
  • Forcibly Relocated To Aneth Extension In 1933
  • Grassroots Community Seeking Social And Economic Sustainability
  • Educating Our Community And The Public On Our History
  • Preserving Our Heritige, Culture, Language, And Traditions
  • Protecting Our Ancestral And Given Lands For Our Children
  • 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Incorporated Organization

Descendants Of K'aayelii, Inc.


Mission Statement


"To preserve and protect inhabitants of Aneth Extension with the State of Utah by safeguarding K'aayelii Dine' traditional cultural beliefs and values. To perpeptuate and promote the general welfare in achieving and maintaining a self-sufficient and self-sustaining social growth and governmental advancement for future generations to exist in harmony on a safe and productive land base."

Bears Ears Utah's Untold History...


As the original continued inhabitants and heirs to our sacred lands in and around Bears Ears, Utah,
in 2008 our community organized this organization as a grassroots movement to regain our true existence and inheritance as Dine' descendants of Hastii K'aayelii - leader of the thousands of free Dine'
who never surrendered to the US during the American-Indian Wars.

WE SEEK TO regain our identity

We never surrendered our identity. As the only tribe of Indigenous People in the US to never surrender during the American - Indian Wars, we remained a free people up until 1933.

WE SEEK TO develop our community

We will preserve our culture and history and nurture our community into a self sustaining economy. By educating ourselves today, we can prevent ignorance of the past - tomorrow.

WE SEEK TO educate our community

We seek to educate and technologically advance our community, so we may lay down a foundation for our future generations to succeed as a productive society.

WE SEEK TO protect our sacred lands

We are fighting to protect and preserve our ancestral and given homelands, to educate ourselves and the public on how the significance and importance in doing so, would benefit all people.

Historical Timeline

A brief timeline of significant events which map the course of our history and plight.


Hastii K'aayelii was born in Bears Ears region

Hastii K'aayelii led thousands of free Dine' living in and around the Bears Ears mountains. They never surrendered at Ft. Sumner, NM.


Navajos return home to new reservation

"Peace Treaty," signed at Fort Sumner allowing the Navajos to return to a reservation in their homelands. K'aayelii Dine' remained free.


Act of 1933 is ammended

Utah State petitioned to gain more flexability in utilizing the Trust Fund. K'aayelii Dine' were not included in the planning, process, or management.


Navajos surrendered at Ft. Sumner, NM

Kit Carson convinced over 9,000 Navajos to surrender and relocate to a reserve known as "Bosque Redondo," at Fort Sumner, New Mexico.


Congress passes the Act of 1933

Aneth Extension added to the Navajo Reservation. The free K'aayelii Dine' were forced to relocate to Aneth Extension.


Descendants of K'aayelii, Inc. is created

Grassroots community led organization dedicated to bringing social and economic development to their community.

Utah State Senator Mike Lee’s Position on Bears Ears

A Bright Future or Another Broken Promise?

A Citizen’s Public View and Valid Points Given

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